MYT Equipment INC Limited Warranty for the MYTSTRAP Tension Trainer is intended solely for personal, family or household purposes.

This limited warranty covers defects in manufactuer materials in your new and genuine exercise products purchased through MYT Equipment INC or an authorized reseller. This limited warranty applies to products intended solely for personal, family, or household purposes.

This limited warranty covers the original purchaser only and lasts for one year (“Warranty Period”), beginning from the purchase date.

At its discretiion, MYT Equipment will repair or replace any defective MYTSTRAP covered by this limited warranty, or refund the purchase price to the original purchaser.

The terms of this limited warranty provide the exclusive and sole remedy available to you. This limtied warranty is limited as follows: (a.) This limited warranty only applies to authentic MYSTRAP Exercise Products. (b.) Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this limited warranty. Some states and provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so this limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. (c.) This limtited warranty does not cover any problmes which result from accident, neglet, modification, abuse, or misuse of the product such as in ways described in the setup and use instructions (including, for example: any use as a rope for example to tow.), (exposure to variations in ambient environmental conditions (including, for example, changes in heat, humidity or moisture including water saturation), impact damage, normal wear and tear, indentations, scratches, or surface damage (including abrasions caused by failure to use, protect or maintain the product properly), product deterioration or variations in color or marking that are ordinarily expected based on ordinary use or develop overtime because of natural processes such as exposure to sunlight, and damage caused to prodcuts during shipping. (d.) The duration of ALL OTHER WARRANTIES INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANT ABILITY, WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY WARRANTIES ALLEGED TO ARISE FROM COURSE OF DEALING, COURSE OF PERFORMANCE, OR USAGE OF TRADE ARE RESTRICTUED TO THE DURATION OF THIS LIMITED WARRANTY.

Please register your purchase by completing the warranty registration card within 30 days of purchasing it or provide us proof of your purchase. For a replacement, provide written notice of your claim within 30 days of when you discovered the defect to or MYT Equipment Customer Service, 375 Narin Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R2L 0W8.For questions regarding the warranty and instructions for product replacement please email MYT Equipment customer service at Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping items to MYT Equipment. After the product is received MYT Equipment product expert will inspect it and contact you to give you the results of the inspection. If your product is not covered under this limited warranty it will be sent back to you. MYT Equipment will pay the return shipping costs for all the products that are covered under this limited warranty.