Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We ship worldwide.
We have had numerous reports of headache relief from using the MYTSTRAP Tension Trainer.
We have experienced great success in promoting better posture.
YES! It's primarily being used by pro sports teams, athletic trainers and physiotherapists for rehabilitative work.
Virtually every demographic can benefit from using the MYTSTRAP Tension Trainer.
2 to 3 Business Days.
Yes. Contact us!
The greatest benefits of using the Mytstrap Tension Trainer are developing grip strength, shoulder stability, postural alignment, and control, stability, and torque in the core.
Using the Mytstrap Tension Trainer creates a mind to muscle connection providing a sustained sensory feedback regarding muscle tension, joint position and postural alignment.

Back problems are considered one of the biggest ailments in industrialized countries. With over a billion people using phones, hunching over while texting is having a detrimental effect on the spinal health of cell phone users. Aside from texting, countless hours hunched over sitting in an office chair, or while driving is causing an unprecedented number of people suffering from back issues. In addition to excruciating pain to the individual suffering from back pain, the side effects cause millions in lost revenue, and medical expenses. The Mytstrap is meant to improve your posture so your back remains strong, balanced, and upright while you text, sit at your desk and drive to work.